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Professional website audits with simple language, actionable recommendations.

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Professional SEO Audits

Here at Checkpoint Media Marketing we provide full technical SEO audits that identify all issues relating to a websites “on page” or “on site” elements.

Our goal with a technical SEO audit is to provide simple-term actionable tasks that you or your team can implement in order to correct and remove issues related to rankings and indexing.

Once corrected, this will help increase rankings for the target keywords that are already live on your website. This service is a stepping stone to a greater picture of an SEO strategy and will help you to assess the overall health of your website.  


SEO Audit Pricing

How much does an SEO audit cost?

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Website Size

We base our SEO Audit service pricing on the size and complexity of the websites we audit. The bigger your website and the more complex the tools are within your site the more detailed and complex our audit will be.

On average SEO audits will cost:

  • £250 – £400 for small websites
  • £400 – £1000 for medium sized websites
  • £1000 + for large complex site

Our minimum fee for a website audit is £200. We provide free quotations and request access to search console in order to make an effective assessment.


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